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E3 Training Philosophy

Assessment and Testing Services' E3 System

Assessment and Testing Services, LLC (ATS) has developed its own unique training philosophy designed to give students the best learning experience available.  E3 is based on the three core components:  Entertainment, Experience, Ease.

E3 Training Philosophy - Entertainment, Experience, EaseEntertainment

At ATS, we understand that training is oftentimes a headache. We know many people view training as “dreaducation” rather than an enriching and fun experience. Instead of conforming to the same old boring lecture style that most training companies use, we trick it up!

We offer unique programs like Adventure Ed*, SKI-CPE*, and Close to the Action* that let you get your work and play in all on the same day.

We interject well thought-out, meaningful examples into our classes. Our lessons often contain references to pop culture including references to The Simpsons, popular TV shows, bands, etc. to make our classes more entertaining.

It’s our belief that students learn more if they enjoy the material and the examples.


But it’s not just fun and games at ATS. We know that quality education is also one of your priorities. That is why our trainers are seasoned and highly qualified. Why spend your valuable time taking classes from a desk jockey when you can get a “real life” prospective from someone who has been and is currently in the business world trenches?

In addition to the “real world” experience, our founder, Michael Babb, is a former college professor at one of the world’s leading business universities.

"You deserve to have someone that has taught thousands of students and is seasoned in the art of training."

Our trainers have taken the time to get the credentials to prove that they know the material they are teaching. Our instructors are certified and master instructors in the courses they teach.

You deserve to learn from instructors that have taken the time to get certified themselves.


We know that it is hard to get your professional education done in the midst of all of the activities that must be accomplished during the day. That is why we have gone out of our way to make our courses easy (convenient) to fit into your schedule. In addition to our daytime courses, we schedule courses in the evenings and early mornings so that you can get your training and also keep up with your life.