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Mobile/Remote/On-Site Testing

We provide our government, corporate and training clients the ability to train and test in the same location with the following benefits:

  • Train and certify multiple individuals at once

  • Ensure employees certify and meet compliance standards following training investment

  • Increased productivity and time savings

  • We can also partner with other training and conference providers to bring testing to your location.

ATS is affiliated with and an authorized testing center for all of the major certification agencies, including Pearson Vue, Prometric, Kryterion, Certiport, Comira / CATS, and Performance Assessment Network (pan).

We have extensive experience administering assessments for these providers both at our static testing centers and remote locations across the U.S.

Additionally, Assessment and Testing Services, LLC, as a sub-contractor on existing government contracts, provides logistical and administrative support for remote testing and assessments across the U.S. We have experience managing the logistics and test administration for FAA, TSA, USPS, and CBP in multiple locations.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • securing the location

  • administering exams

  • managing logistics

  • shipping, and transportation of equipment / handouts / materials

  • securing and submitting results

  • managing and securing highly confidential testing materials.