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Training Logistics

Assessment and Testing Services can secure a conference room or training room and provide computers for your training needs.

Proven Track Record:

Assessment and Testing Services has a track record of setting up permanent and temporary training rooms. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality training experience for our clients and their students. We actively monitor our training environment and fix any issues promptly as they arise. Some environmental factors we look at are: temperature of testing location, noise level, cleanliness.

We also provide exit surveys for our testing candidates that document the student’s perception on the following items:

  • Overall training experience

  • Professionalism of trainer

  • Cleanliness of location

  • Level of distractions in location

  • Other comments

Instructors / Trainers:

Assessment and Testing Services has certified Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe instructors on staff. We can even offer CPE or continuing education credit for our courses depending on the location and state they are taught and the requirements of the certifying organization.

Moreover, we have a large base of contacts in the training arena and we can help you to find a trainer that suits your needs if we do not have one available.

Computer Equipment:

Assessment and Testing Services uses ‘state of the art computers’ to deliver your examinations.  We can install your customized software or hardware for your training needs.